Monday, May 19, 2014

Europe trip part I: Amsterdam

Sorry about the long absence from the blog! My husband and I took our first overseas trip together for our 8th anniversary. It was a lovely getaway and we saw so many great sights (and ohh, the food!) I will be posting a recap of the trip in two segments...

The first place we went was Amsterdam. Our journey went like this:

day one: We explored the city, went to eat at a cute little place called Pancakes!, checked out some vintage shops, and just took in the beautiful canal houses and bridges, especially as they lit up in the evening. We found a great vegetarian/vegan cafe for dinner, de bolhoed.

day two: we headed over to Keukenhof and spent about 8 hours there, wandering all the beautiful tulips! This was one of the highlights of the trip, and something I can cross off of my bucket list :)

day three: We took a canal cruise, explored the city on foot some more, found an outdoor street market, and had beers at a pub inside and old windmill, Brouwerij't IJ. For dinner we ate at the best Indian restaurant I think I've ever had (sorry didn't get the name :/) and watched some live music from street performers. 

 day four: had an AMAZING waffle with Nutella for breakfast, went to the Van Gogh museum, and did some more walking.

day five: visited the Rijksmuseum, sat and relaxed down by the canal, got some fondue for dinner.

day 6: we rode the Thalys train over to Paris! 

To be continued...

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