Friday, December 19, 2014

My Favorite Toddler Apps

Sharing my list of go-to apps for little ones today... These are a fun addition to our home preschool regimen and they help us survive long road trips or flights :)

1. First Words Deluxe  This is an excellent app for learning to recognize words and beginning to spell. The deluxe version costs $4.99 and includes 5 categories of words: animals, at home, colors, shapes, and vehicles.

2. Bugs and Numbers A bug city with 18 games ranging from basic counting to early fractions. Also teaches left and right. Awesome artwork.

3. Learn with Homer A comprehensive app that gradually builds over many skills. It prepares children for preschool, kindergarten and first grade. There are a lot of paid options, but a large chunk of freebies (definitely the most content I've ever gotten from a free app before). Menu options include: Learn to Read, Story Time, Record Your Voice, Draw a Picture, Songs and Rhymes, and Discover the World.

4. Tiny Hands Raccoon Treehouse 12 games, each in a different room of the house, that focus on sorting, matching, classifying, building and more.

5. Toca Kitchen A cute game where kids can virtually explore cooking. They choose who they would like to cook for, which food items, and how they would like to prepare it...then their guest decides if they like the food or not, it can be quite hilarious. Even my husband and I are entertained by this game lol. I will definitely be back for more Toca apps, they are adorable!

6. Curious About Letters  My daughter absolutely LOVES Curious George, so I had to get her this app. I love the game where she can match the uppercase letters with the lowercase. There is also a section for a letter hunt and tracing the letters as well.

7.  Miffy in the Snow  We love Miffy and this app doesn't disappoint. It's an interactive story and a couple of games like throwing snowballs at the snowman to knock his hat off and a matching game.

8. Press Here 15 fun games with colorful dots. Based on the picture book.  Great for all ages.

9. Jazzy 123 An introduction to basic counting and musical instruments. The instruments play real audio recordings when you tap on them.

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