Thursday, August 1, 2013

Today's recipes

Today was full of vegan yumminess and I wanted to share these lovely recipes I've found on Pinterest. First, we have the "Speedy cheezy protein pasta bowl". The original recipe is found here. I left out the raisins, cut back on the nutritional yeast just a little, and doubled the white beans. I've tried this with and without the optional Veganaise and although it's great either way, I definitely love it even more with it. I've made this recipe about 4 times now, and I rarely make the same thing twice so that is saying something! It has become my go-to for a cheap, easy, kid-friendly, vegan meal. 

Next, I made these vegan black bottom coconut cream pies, original recipe here. Instead of making them tartlettes, I used half pint mason jars and pressed the crust into the bottom. They are the perfect size for a sweet treat. Really loved the richness of this dessert without the guilt. No dairy, no refined sugars, lots of antioxidants from the chocolate (I used raw cacao), plus the numerous health benefits of coconut...just perfect!

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