Monday, February 23, 2015

Petting Farm

This weekend my friend and I had a girl's day and took our little ones to the local petting farm. Little A had been once last year when she was 2 but didn't want to sit still long enough to get very much out of it, but this year she was much more interested and was able to participate a lot more and they had a blast! She also had her first pony ride and wasn't scared at all :) I kind of wish I had brought my DSLR, but some of the phone pics turned out really cute:


  1. I can't wait to bring my daughter to a petting zoo this year. Last year she was too young to understand and was a little scared. This year I think she will love it because she loves animals so much. I love that adorable little duck picture!

  2. What adorable photos! So, so cute! :)

    Circus & Bloom

  3. These photos are the cutest! Reminds me so much of my childhood :)